Maze Level Plans

Time restraints and unfortunate circumstances has left me falling behind on my schedule, so a reworked plan is crucial to the success of this project.

The first thing I’ll need to do is to solidify the theme and identity of the project, as this will be the entire basis for the rest of the project – I’ll need to make sure every aspect of the project can be tied in to the theme, and nothing seems to fall apart.

After that, I’ll need to consider the mechanics of the maze itself, what obstacles are in the way and how to solve it. I already have an idea of this, but it is very basic and I would like to add more to it, things such as puzzles and locked and secret doors.

I’ll need to then plan the floor, and block out the base floor in 3DS Max, and get a perspective on the maze. From that I’ll need to decide what view to use and adjust the mechanics accordingly, as well as adjusting wall sizes and distances as well as background detail if parts of the level that shouldn’t be visible are.

After that I can start building the assets and moving everything in to Unreal, and do concept art along the way where I feel appropriate.