Photoshop and 3D

(This is a late evaluation for my work over the easter holidays)

I spent most of the 5th week of the project doing the same (although expanding on it), so I’ve fallen behind on my plan and will need to re-do it to match my working speed.

For the first week of the holidays, I mostly spent my time working on sketches and concepts, drawing out any parts I thought were missing and enhancing and adding detail to my other sketches. For the second week, I did some quick, rough 3D Models to practice my techniques which also took longer than I originally anticipated.

I think the work I did this week was at a good pace, although it wasn’t the pace that I expected, as such I will need to rework my plan and maybe my proposal idea to match my pace and make my end target achievable. I will also attempt to adjust my work pace so I can fit in more Photoshop and 3D Work


Composition Principles


When making concept art, I should consider Composition Principles – Basic Shapes, Contrast, Rhythm, Depth, Scale, Dynamics, Flow and the Rule of Thirds. Using these will make sure the piece captures enough information to get my concept across to the viewer.

In a situation such as making my character for my final project, The principles I should be considering in particular are Scale and Dynamics. The scale will make sure my character is portrayed at the right size in the piece, or exaggerating it if intended. This could help emphasize the character in the piece. Making the concept art appear from a different angle could also help give another view, such as the following piece of concept art which makes it seem as though the viewer is being hunted.

Kha'ZixI should still consider the other principles, using them to certain effects wherever possible.


It’s been a while since I’ve posted about this, but I have made some progress on it

As I mentioned, the art style is mainly black and white with the central character and objects of significance being in some kind of color. I wanted to keep away from detail and keep the art style simplistic so the assets are mostly one or two colors.


Level 1