Maze Progress #2

I’ve decided to do away with the 3-floor rotating part of my design as it proved to be too difficult to manage, and was taking far too long to try to even plan, so instead my maze is simply based on the time travel aspect and interacting with plants.

I spent a while today sketching out vines and doors, and how they will affect the path you take through the maze by covering holes, blocking doors, allowing climbing etc. I will still need to make some perspective drawings of these for model sheets for modelling. I have also begun to block out the maze in 3DS Max to get a basic perspective on how things look and the scale of the maze.

Am I ready to make a game?

At the moment, no. I still have to make some model sheets for my assets and tweak my level plants as I have come across a few issues with my pathing. I still also need to finish my flow chart for my maze, to help me plan mechanics and objectives. After that, I also need to design some puzzles for obstacles and figure out what needs to be modelled from those.


Maze Theme

I have a few possible ideas I could use for the theme of my project. My initial idea was a Limbo type theme, a place between life and death where everything would be dark, with an emphasis on the lack of knowledge and heavily influenced by shadows and the lack of light.

The second idea was a hell theme, pools of lava flowing amongst walls of dark brimstone highlighting the entire level in a red glow. The lava acts as a very dangerous obstacle for the play to get by, and could help design some mechanics for the maze as well as the levels themselves.

Another one was a theme that would purposefully be scary or creepy, maybe disturbing. The theme would have an emphasis on death and decay, with skeletons lying around and strange things appearing in the vision or hearing sudden distant noises. Insects could be a strong part of the theme, emphasising the death aspect of the theme.

The final theme, and the one I decided to use is a plant based theme, with vines and roots overgrowing much of the environment, with large trunks jutting out of the ground. Branches of trees can be used to create new paths and movement throughout the maze, and vines can be used to reach higher levels by climbing.

Another Idea

Over the many weeks of the project, I have again found myself drifting more and more from the original intention of my project – which was to create and model an alien creature, while having some concept art, and if there was time at the end – texture it.

I have found myself enjoying the concept part of this more and more, while lacking the skills to do a full 3D Model of an alien creature. While I would like to develop my 3D Skills enough to be able to do so in the future, I don’t believe I have enough time left in the project to do so, and had misjudged the difficulty and my own abilities from the beginning. I also have many more sketches and iterations of my concepts than I initially thought, and have found this part of the project a lot more enjoyable than I initially thought it would be. This part also allows me to better show my creativity and is easier to manage. As such, I have decided to change my proposal

I will create and design mutliple concepts for parts of an alien creature, creating basic models and some photoshop art of some designs that I may detail enough to do so. As an extension, if time allows it, I would like to texture one of my designs.

Final Project Ideas

Final Project Ideas

Idea 1 –

Sketch and model a medieval fantasy-type creature (such as a dragon) and rig it for animation. This would be a rather difficult task as there is a lot of detail involved in these particular creatures, and would push the limits of my knowledge and skill with 3DS Max, which would be my primary tool to achieve this particular goal.

Idea 2 –

Sketch and model a few futuristic/Sci-Fi style vehicles (such as spaceships) and texture them. This would help me learn more about UVW maps and allow me to learn and apply photoshop skills as it will likely be the primary software for creating the textures for the UVW Maps, as well as my 3D skills for the model itself.

Idea 3 –

Design a character for an FPS game including sketches and general descriptors, set in a post-apocalyptic dystopian society. For this, I would need to expand on the setting and draw out a few scenes as well as the character, possibly from different perspectives. Writing a description of the world could also help with this idea.

Idea 4 –

Create, Sketch and model an Alien and attempt to texture it. I would need to consider body type, proportions, potential abilities the creature will have as a result of it being an Alien, colours – and if I were to go into more detail, I could get down the behaviour of the particular creature. This would test my drawing, 3D and my photoshop skills and I think is the most ambitious of my ideas, but is my favourite idea so far.

Idea 5 –

Design a 2D platformer and create assets for it using photoshop and illustrator. For this, I would be working a lot in Photoshop and Illustrator, creating UI elements and drawing out the background, as well as the platform assets themselves and the character.

Alternative Cities

After brainstorming for an entire 25 minutes, I decided on a futuristic Sci-Fi theme. Lore-Wise, the city incorporates elements of Magic and Technology, although I found this a little harder to visualise through 3D Modelling and concept art, so my focus is on the futuristic-technology aspect of it. By the end of this, I hope to have a few shots of the City Environment, and some of the spaceships and buildings as assets by themselves.


City Perspective 1

Beginnings of perspective drawing of the city

Power Source

Sketch of the power source of the city

City Perspective 2

Perspective of another part of the city

Building Concept 1

Drawing of one of the buildings

Spaceship Concept

Spaceship concept

2D Platformer Mood Boards

My idea is to have a silhouette-based low detail art style – Where most of the background and visual assets would be black and white, but characters and anything you can interact with would be in bold colour.

Here’s the Mood Board

I took a lot of inspiration from Monaco (for bright colours), and Limbo (for layering regarding background and foreground assets). I really like the way They Bleed Pixels has outlined platforms, and the colours from Ori and the Blind Forest and Badland, and the simplicity from Electronic Super Joy.