Another Idea

Over the many weeks of the project, I have again found myself drifting more and more from the original intention of my project – which was to create and model an alien creature, while having some concept art, and if there was time at the end – texture it.

I have found myself enjoying the concept part of this more and more, while lacking the skills to do a full 3D Model of an alien creature. While I would like to develop my 3D Skills enough to be able to do so in the future, I don’t believe I have enough time left in the project to do so, and had misjudged the difficulty and my own abilities from the beginning. I also have many more sketches and iterations of my concepts than I initially thought, and have found this part of the project a lot more enjoyable than I initially thought it would be. This part also allows me to better show my creativity and is easier to manage. As such, I have decided to change my proposal

I will create and design mutliple concepts for parts of an alien creature, creating basic models and some photoshop art of some designs that I may detail enough to do so. As an extension, if time allows it, I would like to texture one of my designs.



Over the course of the project, I have developed and shown a few skills, and hope to show a few more in the last parts of it. Some of the sills I have shown are in drawing and sketching,  particularly in creating my concept art for my alien. When I was drawing and sketching out parts for my aliens, I had gone through multiple iterations of lines and head shapes and designs, making a few very different designs for the same parts of the alien. I had also come across a problem through my concepts – I was not sure how to show the alien as a whole, which I had solved by focusing on the various parts of the alien, which also allowed me to be more creative with how I want the design. My sketches were annotated after drawing them, so I could reflect on the decisions I made that lead me to certain designs, and how I could use them in other areas.


I have also used a few skills in 3D – I had taken the sketches I had of a couple of my heads and attempted a few basic models of them in 3DS Max, and unwrapped one of the models to attempt to texture it.

I would like to use more skills in Photoshop and 3D, as I have not done as much work as I originally planned to do in those. I would like to use some lighting and texturing in some of my 3D work, and create either a photo composition or digital painting for concept art in Photoshop.Some of the personal skills I have used are in working to targets, independance, self-analysis and reflection and organisation. I have been managing to achieve my personal SMART Targets I have set myself every week, and I have posted about my progress and evaluated my own work for every other week or so. All of my work is my own, although I have recieved some help in the form of advice from others, the work was all done independantly. This blog is also organised to easily navigate to specific parts of my project, such as my research, my assets, concepts, reflections and ideas.


A change of pace

(This is a late evaluation for the work I did for weeks 6-7 of the project)

Over the last few weeks, I have spent more time working on 3D and a little on Photoshop, to try to flesh out my project more – although I have decided to change my focus from full production to the pre-production, and my concepts and ideas. particularly my sketches and notes, with some Photoshop and 3D to back them up and bring them to life. This is due to finding myself lacking the skills needed in 3D and Photoshop, as well as the enjoyment, to continue building all the assets, whereas I continue to come up with and pump out ideas and concepts. I will be slowing down the progress on my 3D and Photoshop (Although I still aim to get a few assets out) and doing more sketches and notes on my ideas and concepts.

I also need to update my research and inspirations, as of writing this post, my current inspirations are missing where a lot of my ideas come from and my research is lackluster, in particular it is missing some primary data such as my survey results.

I think changing the focus for my project will enable me to spend the little time we have left enjoying the project more as well as working better on it.


Photoshop and 3D

(This is a late evaluation for my work over the easter holidays)

I spent most of the 5th week of the project doing the same (although expanding on it), so I’ve fallen behind on my plan and will need to re-do it to match my working speed.

For the first week of the holidays, I mostly spent my time working on sketches and concepts, drawing out any parts I thought were missing and enhancing and adding detail to my other sketches. For the second week, I did some quick, rough 3D Models to practice my techniques which also took longer than I originally anticipated.

I think the work I did this week was at a good pace, although it wasn’t the pace that I expected, as such I will need to rework my plan and maybe my proposal idea to match my pace and make my end target achievable. I will also attempt to adjust my work pace so I can fit in more Photoshop and 3D Work

Concept and Development

I didn’t manage to review my work last week, so I’ll cover both weeks here.


The third and fourth weeks were spent mostly sketching out my ideas for the Alien Creature I wanted to do, along with some research development. However, as I was sketching down my idea and concept for the alien creature I wanted to do, I found myself making multiple sketches of certain parts of the creature separately – such as the head and the legs, and wasn’t thinking of the alien as a whole too much. This approach to the concept and after reviewing my idea made me realise it was rather large and difficult for me to complete within the given time-frame. However, I still liked the general idea of being able to create essentially whatever I want given the vague definition of “Alien”. So instead, my project now will focus on making certain parts of the alien as opposed to the entire alien, and will include my intentions for how to texture it and ideas after the model is done as opposed to fully texturing the model.

Composition Principles


When making concept art, I should consider Composition Principles – Basic Shapes, Contrast, Rhythm, Depth, Scale, Dynamics, Flow and the Rule of Thirds. Using these will make sure the piece captures enough information to get my concept across to the viewer.

In a situation such as making my character for my final project, The principles I should be considering in particular are Scale and Dynamics. The scale will make sure my character is portrayed at the right size in the piece, or exaggerating it if intended. This could help emphasize the character in the piece. Making the concept art appear from a different angle could also help give another view, such as the following piece of concept art which makes it seem as though the viewer is being hunted.

Kha'ZixI should still consider the other principles, using them to certain effects wherever possible.

Final Project

Our final project is to write a proposal for a project for an end of year show. We should specialise in any particular area of Media Production that we would like to explore in more depth – in my case, 3D Modelling in the form of creatures.

My own project is to create, design and model some form of Alien creature in 3DS Max and then texture it. If I manage to get everything done, I would also like to work on the monsters detail and lore. My inspiration for this came from a few games I have been playing recently – primarily Warframe, Natural Selection 2 and Alien: Isolation, and some XCOM 2.