Over the course of the project, I have developed and shown a few skills, and hope to show a few more in the last parts of it. Some of the sills I have shown are in drawing and sketching,  particularly in creating my concept art for my alien. When I was drawing and sketching out parts for my aliens, I had gone through multiple iterations of lines and head shapes and designs, making a few very different designs for the same parts of the alien. I had also come across a problem through my concepts – I was not sure how to show the alien as a whole, which I had solved by focusing on the various parts of the alien, which also allowed me to be more creative with how I want the design. My sketches were annotated after drawing them, so I could reflect on the decisions I made that lead me to certain designs, and how I could use them in other areas.


I have also used a few skills in 3D – I had taken the sketches I had of a couple of my heads and attempted a few basic models of them in 3DS Max, and unwrapped one of the models to attempt to texture it.

I would like to use more skills in Photoshop and 3D, as I have not done as much work as I originally planned to do in those. I would like to use some lighting and texturing in some of my 3D work, and create either a photo composition or digital painting for concept art in Photoshop.Some of the personal skills I have used are in working to targets, independance, self-analysis and reflection and organisation. I have been managing to achieve my personal SMART Targets I have set myself every week, and I have posted about my progress and evaluated my own work for every other week or so. All of my work is my own, although I have recieved some help in the form of advice from others, the work was all done independantly. This blog is also organised to easily navigate to specific parts of my project, such as my research, my assets, concepts, reflections and ideas.



Alternative Cities

After brainstorming for an entire 25 minutes, I decided on a futuristic Sci-Fi theme. Lore-Wise, the city incorporates elements of Magic and Technology, although I found this a little harder to visualise through 3D Modelling and concept art, so my focus is on the futuristic-technology aspect of it. By the end of this, I hope to have a few shots of the City Environment, and some of the spaceships and buildings as assets by themselves.


City Perspective 1

Beginnings of perspective drawing of the city

Power Source

Sketch of the power source of the city

City Perspective 2

Perspective of another part of the city

Building Concept 1

Drawing of one of the buildings

Spaceship Concept

Spaceship concept