Photoshop and 3D

(This is a late evaluation for my work over the easter holidays)

I spent most of the 5th week of the project doing the same (although expanding on it), so I’ve fallen behind on my plan and will need to re-do it to match my working speed.

For the first week of the holidays, I mostly spent my time working on sketches and concepts, drawing out any parts I thought were missing and enhancing and adding detail to my other sketches. For the second week, I did some quick, rough 3D Models to practice my techniques which also took longer than I originally anticipated.

I think the work I did this week was at a good pace, although it wasn’t the pace that I expected, as such I will need to rework my plan and maybe my proposal idea to match my pace and make my end target achievable. I will also attempt to adjust my work pace so I can fit in more Photoshop and 3D Work


Splines, Lathe, and Loft

More 3D!

This time, the models were primarily based off splines.

The bottle I made by drawing the outline of half the bottle, then applying a lathe modifier to it to bring it around. I then added an edit-poly modifier and adjusted the position of some of the vertices at the bottom of the bottle.

The screwdriver was done using Loft. I used splines to draw a few shapes (A star, 2 circles, a rectangle) and a line for the “Path”. The star was adjusted into a flower-shape. I clicked the line, and added the loft modifier to it, adding the shapes every so often along the path which would then expand to fit the shapes, until I ended up with the screwdriver.

Again, the techniques were rather simple and there was no difficulty to using them, at all – I feel like I could comfortably use the two in future projects.

Lathe can be used in any object that is circular from one or more axis, such as a bottle or a wine glass (both are circular from the top-down).

Loft would be much more useful for snaking objects such as roads, or anything that is long or continuous. Other examples could be for the screwdriver or potentially walls.


So, Today I messed around with MSmooth and Auto-Smooth in 3DS Max, and made a couple joysticks and a few taps.

The basic models were first created by creating a box, adding an edit poly modifier to it and just using extrude, inset and bevel until I got the basic shape.

For the joystick, I then added some chamfers (which cuts/flattens a corner/edge) to make the shape seem a little more natural and then added auto-smooth so the render visual would seem a lot smoother. The top of the second joystick looks much more smooth than the tip of the first Joystick.

With the taps, I simply applied M-Smooth and then a few Auto-Smooths (under Polygon Smoothing Groups) to the second one – it ended up very round, Not something I’m a huge fan of. With the third, I applied a few chamfers to some areas and then auto-smoothed, I think it turned out much better.

I found that while M-Smooth does apply a lot of smoothing to the shape, it also makes the geometry unecessarily complicated, and it gives me much less control – it will smooth the entire shape. Chamfer with Auto-Smooth gives me much more control on specific sections and groups of the object.

Overall the process was rather simple, Just a few modifications will smooth a lot of the object in almost any way I want it to. I could see use of this in modelling to reduce the amount of geometry I need to make something appear smooth – or make something appear smooth if I think it already has enough geometry.

3D Scenes

Following up on my concept sketches for my Alternative Cities theme, I went forward and made a few 3D Models of some assets and a section of the city itself

While I’m happy with the models themselves for the most part, I don’t think any of them (with the exception of the spaceship) portray my intentions and my theme very well. The buildings look like general buildings and the city looks like some buildings surrounding a flower.

Following this, I would like to redo the models or maybe add some detail to them to make them more indicative of my sci-fi theme, and incorporate some of the magic elements I originally intended to be in here. I’d also like to do a few more spaceships with more detail and on a larger scale


At least I think it’s a dinosaur.

This was made using various techniques, such as Free Form Distortion and a few Parametric Modifiers and some Mesh Editing

Dinosaur!Dinosaur! 2Dinosaur! 3

Yes, I am aware of her lack of legs and arms.


This let me practice some of my skills in 3D which I’m now more comfortable with, primarily Free Form Distortion.

I really want to spend some more time on this and add more detail to it, the basic shape to this is extremely simplistic. I also want to add a texture and animate it at some point in the future.