Research: Skyrim

One of the games I played for primary research is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The game takes place during a civil war,  where the player is about to executed when a dragon named Alduin attacks the town. The player, with the help of a few other characters, escapes in the midst of the chaos.

Through the main story, the player encounters many dragons and discovers (s)he is the “Dragonborn”, someone with the power to kill dragons and take their souls to use as “shouts”, an ancient form of magic that is used by the dragons.

I liked the concept of dragons in Skyrim as they are rather powerful, almost deity like beings, however they are able to be fallen as proven multiple times during the course of the game. The dragons here, however, are more similar to Wyverns in design than real Dragons.

The main points I wanted to consider and take in to account for my own design were how the dragons used to rule over mankind, but instead of having the dragons fall in my project, they’d stay strong, ruling over all life.