Research Evaluation

The majority of my research has been rather helpful through the course of my project. Aspects of the project that I was unsure of, such as the visual theme have been solidified through the help of my research.

Looking at specific games and their gameplay helped me make decisions on what features I should be adding to my game and how they should be added, as I could test similar features first-hand. This helped my time management a lot as I could more easily judge what features would be too hard to implement, and what features would be detrimental to the project, and cut or prioritise features accordingly. I could then focus more on the features that would be more important to the project and gameplay. This would help increase the quality of my final project, as I spent less time on useless features and feature creep didn’t become a problem.

The features I chose to keep and cut were also influenced by my research on my target audience. The results from my survey, as well as the data from the ESA told me who the largest audience for my project would be, as well as the features they would find interesting and those that would cause them to lose interest. This allowed me to tailor my game specifically towards my target audience, as well as choosing my genre and visual themes.