Research – Azure Striker Gunvolt

Azure Striker Gunvolt is also a game I have taken great interest in, as I find almost everything about that game from the platforming down to the combat very interesting. The character in the game, Gunvolt, is navigated around a level using jumps and dashes. As the level is navigated, the player is interrupted by enemies which can be defeated with a gun using special bullets to “tag” a target, allowing Gunvolt’s ability, an electric field, to home in on tagged enemies. An energy bar limits the usage of the electric field, double jumping, air dashing or taking damage.

The game has a focus on the player’s skill in navigating the level. While levels can be very easy to complete, a ranking system and optional challenges adds levels of difficulty to the game. The players score will increase constantly as long as they maintain a “chain” by avoiding taking damage from enemies, with more bonuses added by defeating enemies, and larger bonuses applied when multiple enemies are defeated at once. The game also has a feature that allows the player a degree of customization to the character through upgrades or items that change the way Gunvolt behaves.

Gunvolt can also use skills called Offensive Skills, which are very powerful attacks or heals. The games bosses also have their own Offensive Skills, which are used when their health drops below a certain threshold.

The movement in particular is something I thoroughly enjoyed about this game, and is something I would like to carry over in to my project. Giving the players a heightened sense of control by allowing air-dashes and specifically timed jumps is something that I find to be important in a platforming game. The basic functionality of these controls should also be something that is fairly easy and simple to implement using Unreal Engine 4. Advanced systems such as those inspired by the tagging and electric field would be much harder to implement, and should only be attempted if there is extra time left at the end of my project.