We considered a few different dragon types for the project. Eastern Chinese dragons, 4-Limb Skyrim-like dragons, Wyverns, but in the end we decided on full 6-limb dragons – with both sets of wings and arms/legs.  We also decided to create some opposition to the dragons; the one I would create would be benevolent while the one Tim would create would be cruel.

The initial theme for our dragons would be life and death, taking some inspiration from damage types from Dungeons and Dragons, we referred to them as “Radiant” and “Necrotic”. My “Radiant” dragon was to be large and feathered, with a graceful look. However, after brainstorming some more, we decided this seemed too black and white; one had clear implications to be “good” aligned, and the other to be “evil” aligned, and while we wanted to maintain that to an extent, as well as our opposition theme, we didn’t want it to be so obvious. After some time, we came up with 2 new themes – Earth and Poison. My Earth Dragon was supposed to represent everything natural – the stone, the ground and the wildlife of the earth, ever growing and peaceful, while holding a strong posture. Tim’s was to be based off decay and death, something that while may not be pleasant, was something that is necessary.

Our Dragons were to be set in a high-fantasy medieval setting, as we decided against having sci-fi aspects in since we thought it’d make it a lot harder. We also decided that the dragons made much more sense in a medieval fantasy world rather than a sci-fi fantasy world, as we didn’t discuss many sci-fi aspects when brainstorming the dragons.

We wanted these dragons to be large, important deities of the realm. Almost the size of entire cities and some growing up to even be as large as an entire island, with the power to create or destroy entire landmasses, these dragons were to be respected or feared, for they had the power to undo in an instant everything man had done in a lifetime.

The first couple places we instinctively went to for research were World of Warcraft and Dungeons and Dragons. Soon after that, we started looking at many other places such as Final Fantasy and Skyrim, and even dragons in general Folklore. I will detail the research done from each topic in its own separate page.

My dragon was to be a patriarch-style figure, a guardian to the people and mankind. In some terms, it could be related to a hero, but much less involved.