Museum of Manchester

My class visited the Manchester Museum on the 22nd of March, as a way to get more primary research for our projects. My main focus when we got there was to get some pictures primarily of skeletal structures and some reptiles – both alive and some stuffed, and some other pictures of various things around the museum, and while I have the pictures taken of the skeletons, I wasn’t able to find the pictures of the live animals (frogs, lizards and snakes) that were taken.

I took pictures of the skeletons for some creatures to try to help design my creature, by helping to understand skeletal structures so I could design my own creature around one.

I ended up not doing much work regarding bone structures as I was much more interested in the body of the creature.

I took some pictures of some animals, primarily birds, reptillians and insects, as these were the types of creatures I wanted my alien to be based off. I ended up only using a reptillian/insect theme, as I could not think of a way to incorporate features of a bird.

I knew I wanted my creature to be a natural hunter with natural weapons such as claws or pincers, so I took some weapons of some blades in the museum to try to help design those natural weapons around them. I took some basic inspiration from these, before I ended up basing my creatures weapons from a character from League of Legends.


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