Final Project Ideas

I had a few possible ideas I wanted to use for this final project, I’ve outlined them all here.

Idea 1 –

Sketch and model a medieval fantasy-type creature (such as a dragon) and rig it for animation. This would be a rather difficult task as there is a lot of detail involved in these particular creatures, and would push the limits of my knowledge and skill with 3DS Max, which would be my primary tool to achieve this particular goal.

I ended up not using this idea as idea4#4 was similar, but it was a lot more open-ended, which allowed me more creative freedom with my project.

Idea 2 –

Sketch and model a few futuristic/Sci-Fi style vehicles (such as spaceships) and texture them. This would help me learn more about UVW maps and allow me to learn and apply photoshop skills as it will likely be the primary software for creating the textures for the UVW Maps, as well as my 3D skills for the model itself.

I didn’t use this idea as I was more interested in the idea of creating creatures rather than vehicles, as I think creatures are more versatile.

Idea 3 –

Design a character for an FPS game including sketches and general descriptors, set in a post-apocalyptic dystopian society. For this, I would need to expand on the setting and draw out a few scenes as well as the character, possibly from different perspectives. Writing a description of the world could also help with this idea.

I didn’t use this idea as I found myself not liking the idea of a post-apocalyptic theme, and wanted to do something more open, an FPS character would most likely be confined to a human/humanoid or mecha type character, and I wanted freedom to do more.

Idea 4 –

Create, Sketch and model an Alien and attempt to texture it. I would need to consider body type, proportions, potential abilities the creature will have as a result of it being an Alien, colours – and if I were to go into more detail, I could get down the behaviour of the particular creature. This would test my drawing, 3D and my photoshop skills and I think is the most ambitious of my ideas, but is my favourite idea so far.

This is the idea I chose as I thought it allowed me to show the widest array of skills, and was the most open so gave me the most creative freedom out of all of my projects.

Idea 5 –

Design a 2D platformer and create assets for it using photoshop and illustrator. For this, I would be working a lot in Photoshop and Illustrator, creating UI elements and drawing out the background, as well as the platform assets themselves and the character.

I ended up not using this due to my lack of experience in photoshop, and I wanted to show more skills such as 3D modelling.


In the end, it was a rather tough decision between #1 and #4, but I decided to stick with #4.


Various events through the course of my project have made me change my initial idea and proposal. My current iteration of my idea is as follows:

I will create and design mutliple concepts for parts of an alien creature, creating basic models and some photoshop art of some designs that I may detail enough to do so. As an extension, if time allows it, I would like to texture one of my designs. I will need to consider all different aspects of the alien, such as the body type and nature of the alien. Through certain parts of the alien, I could outline various abilities it may have. This would help push my creativity and drawing skills, while also allowing me to show my 3D and Photoshop skills.


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