One of my inspirations for my project was the Xenomorph from Alien, which in turn came from one an art piece specifically made for the film, called Necronom IV, by H.R. Giger.


Giger was a swiss surrealist painter, whose style was adapted for many media (such as Necronom IV above for the Alien movies). Hestarted with small ink drawings before he progressed to oil paintings. I liked the style of his art, and origjnally wanted to do something similar, I also wanted to use the idea of the Xenomorph and the creatures in Gigers as a base for my own. However, I found myself lacking the skill to replicate this art style, and taking more heavy inspiration from other games and sources that I thought matched my project better.

The idea of a humanoid, fleshy alien sounded very creepy and with it having little minion aliens (such as the facehugger), It would give me a little more of a 3D challenge and a chance to make more models. The “dark art” style of his works also gave an even creepier sense to the things he worked on.

My focus shifted to League of Legends quickly, however, since it is a game I play regularly. The concepts for the “alien” creatures in that game were much more focused on a gameplay perspective, and I thought I could use the concept of gameplay to help me design my alien.




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