Games Survey

Here, is the link to the survey

As part of my research, I asked whoever I could access to fill out a survey for me to collect some data on video games, why they are played and by who, and what makes a game a “good” game. As of writing this page, I have a very small sample size (30 responses) but the data is showing some patterns.

The data tells me that most households only house a single “gamer”, and that the majority of my responders are aged 18-24 and are male. All but 1 of the ones that took the survey played games on a PC, with Mobile being the second most popular by less than half of the respondants.

The data also tells me that the respondants consider how the game runs (such as the FPS and lag) to be the most important part of the game, followed by the games mechanics and controls and the graphics and art style. 50% of the respondants also did not have a preferance to their social situations regarding games, as they just enjoyed the games. The other results also tell me that Minecraft and League of Legends are rather popular games.

The results may not be reliable as a lot of the responses come from my personal friends, who are primarily male gamers on the PC platform, and the sample size is incredibly small. Some of the answers also seem to be intended to be humorous answers and not a real answer to the survey. I think giving access to the survey on a more public scale such as a sharing website like Reddit could give me a larger sample size and more reliable results. I also lacked any questions regarding location, so I have data missing in that area too.

Here, is a spreadsheet of the responses (as of writing this page)


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