Final Project

Our final project is to write a proposal for a project for an end of year show. We should specialise in any particular area of Media Production that we would like to explore in more depth – in my case, 3D Modelling in the form of creatures.

My own project is to create, design and model some form of Alien creature in 3DS Max and then texture it. If I manage to get everything done, I would also like to work on the monsters detail and lore. My inspiration for this came from a few games I have been playing recently – primarily Natural Selection 2 and Alien: Isolation, and some XCOM 2.

The work for the project can be navigated by the menu at the top of the page, or the links below.

Initial Ideas

Research – Warframe

Research – League of Legends

Research – H.R. Giger

Research – Museum of Manchester

Research – Survey

Concept Sketches

Reflection – Composition Principles

Reflection – Concept and Development

Reflection – Photoshop and 3D

Reflection – Changing Pace


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