Final Evaluation

My project was intially to create an alien creature, make some sketches of it as well as some photoshop concept art, and them model it in 3DS Max. I would also possibly texture it if the time was available. I chose this idea because it was the most ambitious, and seemed like it would be the most enjoyable to do as it was the most flexible. My target audience was gamers around the 16-25 age range, and I was going to focus mostly on the 3D aspect of it. During the course of the project, I realised how ambitious the project was, and changed the focus to creating concepts of parts of the alien, and modelling a few of those.

I did a lot of research for my project, looking at quite a few sources for inspiration. The inspiration came mostly in the form of concept art and models from various games with “alien” themes in them, so I could make sure the research was relevant to my project. I kept my research going through the project, updating it it with any new data I gathered or any other inspiration I might have found, and adapting my idea and project to try to fit. The research helped with my concepts in particular as there was a lot of art to work with, that I could take parts off as inspiration – an example being my winged pincers, which took heavy inspiration from one of the League of Legends characters, as well as the natural armor, which also took inspiration from one of the League of Legends characters.

I think my planning was one of the weakest parts of this project, and lead to other parts also being sub-par. While I had made a cohesive Gaant Chart to try to follow, and my idea may have been well documented, I had severely misjudged the time, my working pace and ability so I could not keep up with my plan. Following that, I also failed to update my plan to match my working pace – although I did change my ideas. The planning issues made it very difficult to prioritise aspects of my project, and how long I should be spending on them, so I ended up spending too much time on some parts such as maybe sketching or reasearch, and not enough on others, such as 3D or Photoshop. I also failed to track my progress on my blog efficiently, as I did not date pages or updates to the pages. In the future, I will need to make sure I adapt my plan and update it if I find myself not being able to follow it, and date everything I do.

I did manage to show some of my practical skills during my production. I showed skills in creatvity, drawing, sketching, designing and annotating through my many concept sketches. I showed 3D Modelling and Unwrapping through 3D, and communicating formally and through writing, as well as self analysis and some organisation through my blog and planning. I think my sketching process of rough drawings, and then developing some of those and annotating it worked fairly well, although there were more skills I could have showed there such as use of colour and challenging my own ideas and concepts. My 3D worked did help me develop a little on my previous 3D skills, and I feel like I am more comfortable with the software now.

I came across a few problems during my project. My idea was rather ambitious and I would not have been able to finish it at all, which I responded to by changing my idea to something that was more achieveable and realistic. I also had a lack of primary research to start my project with, which I fixed by having people fill out a survey I had made. One obstacle I didn’t overcome was my computer corrupting and losing much of my 3D Progress, which I could have very easily avoided by backing up my work, and my plan didn’t fit my work pace, which I could have very easily fixed by adapting and changing it to do so.

I think my work is presented very clearly, it is easy to navigate my blog and find where my work is and view it, as well as my thoughts and ideas. I think dating my posts and updates would help my presentation even further, as it would help my audience understand my design process and how I did certain parts of my project.

The main obstacles of my project were very clearly my planning and work pace, I will need to make sure I heavily improve on these for the future, by adapting my planning and making sure I prioritise the aspects of my work properly. I will have to make sure I consistently update my blog with progress, reflect on my work, and date any updates that aren’t already dated. However, I think my initial processes and research are strong, as they are detailed and very clearly show my design process, ideas, inspirations etc. I recieved some feedback on my research that helped to make it more cohesive, which in turn allowed me to easier define my project.

If I were to repeat the project, I would make sure that my initial idea isn’t too ambitious. I would also constantly keep reflections on what I am doing, making sure my working pace is good, and that I continuously make sure I’m working towards my plan, and if not, changing it to do so.