Concept and Development

The third and fourth weeks were spent mostly sketching out my ideas for the Alien Creature I wanted to do, along with some research development. However, as I was sketching down my idea and concept for the alien creature I wanted to do, I found myself making multiple sketches of certain parts of the creature separately – such as the head and the legs, and wasn’t thinking of the alien as a whole too much. This approach to the concept and after reviewing my idea made me realise it was rather large and difficult for me to complete within the given time-frame. However, I still liked the general idea of being able to create essentially whatever I want given the vague definition of “Alien”. So instead, my project now will focus on making certain parts of the alien as opposed to the entire alien, and will include my intentions for how to texture it and ideas after the model is done as opposed to fully texturing the model.


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