Alternative Cities

Progress for Alternative Cities Project!


Originally, I took heavy inspiration from a book called “Messenger of Fear” that inspired me to go down a dark, mentally twisted route, but after watching my brother play Killzone, My thoughts went down a different route.

After brainstorming for an entire 25 minutes, I decided on a futuristic Sci-Fi theme, Taking some heavy inspiration from Killzone: Shadowfall and “Titansgrave”, with some minor influence from Warframe, League of Legends and Stars without Number. I also then developed a lot of the idea with my own imagination.

Lore-Wise, the city incorporates elements of Magic and Technology, although I found this a little harder to visualise through 3D Modelling and concept art, so my focus is on the futuristic-technology aspect of it. By the end of this, I hope to have a few shots of the City Environment, and some of the spaceships and buildings as assets by themselves.


After developing my idea a little and working with some layout sketches, I worked some photoshop magic to make a digital version of concept art – I only did one piece based on a sillhouete based design as it is what I felt most comfortable with .

City Concept(1)

This helped me to visualize my city a little and I got into modelling some assets and buildings for the city. I also modelled a spaceship and begun the modelling of the central flower, which proved to be more difficult than I originally thought.

I then put these together and merged them into a city scene attempting to get a view of what my city would look like in 3D.

While I’m happy with the models themselves for the most part, I don’t think any of them (with the exception of the spaceship) portray my intentions and my theme very well. The buildings look like general buildings and the city looks like some buildings surrounding a flower.

Following this, I would like to redo the models or maybe add some detail to them to make them more indicative of my sci-fi theme, and incorporate some of the magic elements I originally intended to be in here. I’d also like to do a few more spaceships with more detail and on a larger scale


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