A Change of Pace

Over the last few weeks, I have spent more time working on 3D and a little on Photoshop, to try to flesh out my project more – although I have decided to change my focus from full production to the pre-production, and my concepts and ideas. particularly my sketches and notes, with some Photoshop and 3D to back them up and bring them to life. This is due to finding myself lacking the skills needed in 3D and Photoshop, as well as the enjoyment, to continue building all the assets, whereas I continue to come up with and pump out ideas and concepts. I will be slowing down the progress on my 3D and Photoshop (Although I still aim to get a few assets out) and doing more sketches and notes on my ideas and concepts.

I also need to update my research and inspirations, as of writing this post, my current inspirations are missing where a lot of my ideas come from and my research is lackluster, in particular it is missing some primary data such as my survey results.

I think changing the focus for my project will enable me to spend the little time we have left enjoying the project more as well as working better on it.



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