One glaring problem during my project was my lack of attendance for roughly 4 weeks near the end of the project. This heavily affected my workflow as it made it a lot harder to get feedback from my peers, as well as any help or guidance from my tutor. The lack of feedback made it very difficult to continue my project, as I was not sure what was needed to continue. On top of this, I didn’t have access to certain resources at home that I would have in college, which also severely stunted my work speed.

Another cause of my slow work speed from this time would also be my working environment; When at college, I am surrounded by students working and my tutor, which encourages more work to be done. When at home, I am more relaxed, and naturally working less. Although there are certain things I can do better at my home computer than my work computer, the majority of my project would have been much sped up if I had been working at a college computer.


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