Further Challenges

As my project continues and approaches its end, there are a few more difficulties that I have come across.

Project Estimation

Attempting to estimate the amount of production possible is initially rather difficult to do, as feature creep could very much blow the project out of proportion and make it much larger than initially intended.  This combined with my rather poor time management through the course of the project made my estimation of the time required for parts of my project incredibly difficult. By making sure the time I have is allocated correctly, this problem can be alleviated. I should also ask myself a few questions when attempting to add newer features; is there time to implement it? Do the benefits outweigh the costs? Does much of the code or blueprints have to be changed?

Many of the initial ideas I had would have taken far too long to implement, making the scope of my project too large to be completed by the end of the given time frame. Making sure I answer these questions when attempting to add new features helped to make sure that my time was allocated properly and important tasks were prioritized, allowing what was needed to be done by the end of the project.


Another problem I came across is my preproduction, specifically the lack of it. In my rush to build the level demo and push it out, I skipped some crucial parts of the preproduction which left me wasting time during the production phase attempting to figure out what steps I need to be taking. Having a proper plan and concept and design documents would have helped to avoid this problem.

The impact of the problem was lessened by returning back to the preproduction phase after realising it was insufficient, and filling in the gaps in my planning, design and concepts that I needed. This prevented more time being wasted in attempting to figure out where the next steps in my production would be, as they would be outlined clearly in my plans.


A lot of features I planned sounded rather simple when put down on paper. The ones I had assumed to be difficult, I assumed to still be in my capability with some struggle. This turned out to not be the case, as some of the functionality I considered basic turned out to be extremely difficult and time consuming to attempt to implement. A lot of features I had originally planned had to be cut or delayed due to this, and my approach to the project as a whole had changed a couple times. After a few cut downs and the changes to my project, however, I was able to get to a point where I was able to implement what I wanted without too much difficulty.



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