Problem Solving, again

In the last post I made about Problem Solving, there were a couple questions I had left unanswered due to my lack of understanding of the topics and research required. I think I have an answer to those now.

  • How do I promote my level?
  • How advanced will I make my AI?


How do I promote my level?

I have a few options for this, that I can consider.

The first choice would be to attract an audience and people of influence. I should find out who they are, and their contact information such as email address, and the easiest way to do this is probably through social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. It is also important to note that the contact information should be direct. The people I should be trying to get my game to would be people who can influence a large audience, such as review websites or YouTubers with a large subscriber base. The important thing is to get it out to as many people as possible, I should be attempting to message everyone of influence that I come across.

How advanced will I make my AI?

Building AI, even some basic AI is rather complex and time consuming. There are a lot of different aspects to be considered, and a lot of logic to be worked out. This then would need to be done for however many different types of AI are needed in my project. I’ve decided to keep the AI to a bare minimum due to this; limiting it to chasing the player and attempting to destroy him, with extremely simplistic pathfinding.


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