High Concept

I think I’ve done enough research to begin thinking about a high-concept for my project and write up a document, and start pre-production. I have written up a basic draft for a high-concept document and will continue to work on it as I advance with preproduction to prepare for the actual production of the level, which should come very soon.

Attempting to write up this document has shown me where the holes in my project currently are, and what I need to do to fill those in. I will spend some time over the next few days filling these in.


Problem Solving

There are some challenges and problems associated with my project brief that I will need to identify and find solutions for. While I may have the full solution to a few of these, some may require further research and development to solve.

Theoretical Problems

  • How do I find a target audience?
  • How do I make it appeal to a chosen target audience?
  • Why am I undertaking this project?
  • How do I promote my level?


How do I find my target audience?

The solution to this is fairly simple. I can find a target audience by taking a look at my project, taking a look at some demographic statistics via published papers and my own surveys, as well as sales statistics. I can then match this data against my project and my intentions to find a suitable target audience by gauging what kind of people enjoy playing or buy specific types of video games.

How do I make it appeal to a chosen target audience?

The solution to this is similar to the previous, I’ll need to assess the data I find through surveys and research papers and match them against my intentions and project development. This time, however, I should be assessing how to change my project to match the chosen target audience and what attracts those audiences.

Why am I undertaking this project?

I find a certain fulfilment in managing to figure out and calculate how a certain piece of logic should work, and applying it to something that can be interacted with. The final result after what is usually a rather difficult thinking process is rewarding for the amount of effort it requires, and it allows me to create things in a way that can be interacted with by a player, which is not possible in other forms of media.

How do I promote my level?

I could use some form of video reel of the gameplay for my level, although I am not completely sure of the solution to this particular problem, it is something I will have to research further.

Practical Problems

  • What mechanics do I implement to my project?
  • How large is my demo level going to be?
  • How do I manage my time?
  • How advanced will I make the AI?


What mechanics will I implement in my project?

The mechanics I implement have been inspired by my playthrough of other games in the genre, mainly Shovel Knight and Super Meat Boy. The mechanics I apply to my project will likely be similar to those found in these two games, as they are rather simple and should allow me to implement them within the timeframe given for the project.

How large is my demo level going to be?

I had initially planned to make a full level, but I quickly realised that was not possible in the time frame of the project. Instead I will build a few slices of a level, each to show off a different mechanic offered by the game while keeping designs of more parts of the level to show what could be, had the time been extended or I finish my project earlier than I predicted.

How do I manage my time?

My time is managed by breaking down each individual task into as small pieces as I can and assigning them a time cost. Then, using excel to build a planning table to show how I plan to allocate time to my various different tasks, making sure to apply the appropriate amount of hours to each task.

How advanced will I make the AI?

I plan on keeping he AI fairly simple. Keeping it to player tracking and pathfinding, with maybe some combat capabilities but keeping away from advanced maneuvers and advanced combat. Although I may implement these if I finish my project earlier than my expectations. I don’t have too much experience in building AI, so a realistic time frame may be difficult to predict for this task, so I will have to research more into AI development to help assess how advanced I can make the AI in the given time.


Updated Plans

My research has given me some insight into my chosen project and platform. As the most popular game genres seem to be Adventure, Action, Shooters and Role-Playing, I should attempt to implement some of the features commonly found in those genres to my project. Time is an issue, however, as the deadline for this project is close. I’m not sure I can fit in extra production time to add these new features to my level, although I will attempt to if I do end up having some spare time.

Control Demo

I’ve touched up on the controls and they’re in a spot I like now, they all work in their current implementation. I’ve managed to do a few extra things with some of the controls like a wall jump, and a dash (although it is currently infinite, I have plans to change that). I can focus much more on the combat now, and hopefully have a full health and damage system by the end of the week. I can then focus on the level design and animations

Here is the link to the control demo:



The current controls:

Arrow Keys – Move

Space Bar – Jump

X – Shoot

Left Shift – Dash