Blueprints, Workflow and Schedules

I’ve spent a while working on the coding for my project, trying to get the basic framework out of the way – Character movement, controls, basic damage handling and collisions. However, I noticed that my understanding of the Unreal API, or lack thereof, makes doing this a little more difficult than I had anticipated. I could take some time to learn the API further, but this would cut in to my project time which I am already not up to pace with. Instead, I’ll be reverting to blueprints for the basic functionality of the game, and use C++ classes if there is something that needs to be implemented that is impossible or inefficient to do with blueprints. This will only be a very minor setback to me, as most of the time spent on my project was on working out the logic and methods behind the game functionality and figuring out how to make it interact and work, rather than the coding itself, which can be very easily applied to blueprints.

Another thing I am considering is to redirect my workflow and schedule to be more appropriate with my living situation and sleep schedule. As it stands, I live with 7 other family members with 2 computers and a laptop between us, of which only 1 computer is able to run Unreal Engine 4 smoothly enough to run my project on. As I tend to sleep during the afternoon after getting back from college, it is in my better interests to move my working schedule outside of college to be done during the night, when my family members are asleep and I have free access to the computer and am well rested. I’ll need to also make an effort to increase the number of hours I am working a week, as well as making sure the work I do is meaningful to the project and managing my time more efficiently.