Concept and Development

I didn’t manage to review my work last week, so I’ll cover both weeks here.


The third and fourth weeks were spent mostly sketching out my ideas for the Alien Creature I wanted to do, along with some research development. However, as I was sketching down my idea and concept for the alien creature I wanted to do, I found myself making multiple sketches of certain parts of the creature separately – such as the head and the legs, and wasn’t thinking of the alien as a whole too much. This approach to the concept and after reviewing my idea made me realise it was rather large and difficult for me to complete within the given time-frame. However, I still liked the general idea of being able to create essentially whatever I want given the vague definition of “Alien”. So instead, my project now will focus on making certain parts of the alien as opposed to the entire alien, and will include my intentions for how to texture it and ideas after the model is done as opposed to fully texturing the model.


Composition Principles


When making concept art, I should consider Composition Principles – Basic Shapes, Contrast, Rhythm, Depth, Scale, Dynamics, Flow and the Rule of Thirds. Using these will make sure the piece captures enough information to get my concept across to the viewer.

In a situation such as making my character for my final project, The principles I should be considering in particular are Scale and Dynamics. The scale will make sure my character is portrayed at the right size in the piece, or exaggerating it if intended. This could help emphasize the character in the piece. Making the concept art appear from a different angle could also help give another view, such as the following piece of concept art which makes it seem as though the viewer is being hunted.

Kha'ZixI should still consider the other principles, using them to certain effects wherever possible.

Final Project

Our final project is to write a proposal for a project for an end of year show. We should specialise in any particular area of Media Production that we would like to explore in more depth – in my case, 3D Modelling in the form of creatures.

My own project is to create, design and model some form of Alien creature in 3DS Max and then texture it. If I manage to get everything done, I would also like to work on the monsters detail and lore. My inspiration for this came from a few games I have been playing recently – primarily Warframe, Natural Selection 2 and Alien: Isolation, and some XCOM 2.