Final Project Ideas

Final Project Ideas

Idea 1 –

Sketch and model a medieval fantasy-type creature (such as a dragon) and rig it for animation. This would be a rather difficult task as there is a lot of detail involved in these particular creatures, and would push the limits of my knowledge and skill with 3DS Max, which would be my primary tool to achieve this particular goal.

Idea 2 –

Sketch and model a few futuristic/Sci-Fi style vehicles (such as spaceships) and texture them. This would help me learn more about UVW maps and allow me to learn and apply photoshop skills as it will likely be the primary software for creating the textures for the UVW Maps, as well as my 3D skills for the model itself.

Idea 3 –

Design a character for an FPS game including sketches and general descriptors, set in a post-apocalyptic dystopian society. For this, I would need to expand on the setting and draw out a few scenes as well as the character, possibly from different perspectives. Writing a description of the world could also help with this idea.

Idea 4 –

Create, Sketch and model an Alien and attempt to texture it. I would need to consider body type, proportions, potential abilities the creature will have as a result of it being an Alien, colours – and if I were to go into more detail, I could get down the behaviour of the particular creature. This would test my drawing, 3D and my photoshop skills and I think is the most ambitious of my ideas, but is my favourite idea so far.

Idea 5 –

Design a 2D platformer and create assets for it using photoshop and illustrator. For this, I would be working a lot in Photoshop and Illustrator, creating UI elements and drawing out the background, as well as the platform assets themselves and the character.


Evaluation – Audio Project

For this project, we were to recreate the audio for a game trailer. This includes the recording and editing of audio clips, applying them to the audio and uploading them on to the youtube channel.

The start of the project went fairly well – Planning went smoothly and the early recordings went fine, however we did miss quite a few opportunities for sounds and did have to go back to record new audio. Some of the audio clips were also not recognised when put into Audacity or Adobe Audition, so they also had to be re-recorded.

Editing the Audio went well, there were no issues with the software and computer. However, I do think I spent too long on a lot of the editing with not much payoff as the quality for a lot of the edited sounds were also below my expectations. When the time came around to editing the video, I realised how little audio I actually had, and had to rush together a few audio clips to make the video seem less empty – and while it does seem less so than it was, it still is missing a lot of potential audio.

If I had stuck to the plan, made a more detailed plan and managed my time bette, I think the project would have turned out a lot better.