Low-Poly Modelling and textures


The chair consists of 125 polygons, 165 vertices and was made from a box using Slice, Extrude, Chamfer and auto-smooth/smoothing groups. The process was fairly simple, then a material was added via the material editor.



Splines, Lathe, and Loft

More 3D!

This time, the models were primarily based off splines.

The bottle I made by drawing the outline of half the bottle, then applying a lathe modifier to it to bring it around. I then added an edit-poly modifier and adjusted the position of some of the vertices at the bottom of the bottle.

The screwdriver was done using Loft. I used splines to draw a few shapes (A star, 2 circles, a rectangle) and a line for the “Path”. The star was adjusted into a flower-shape. I clicked the line, and added the loft modifier to it, adding the shapes every so often along the path which would then expand to fit the shapes, until I ended up with the screwdriver.

Again, the techniques were rather simple and there was no difficulty to using them, at all – I feel like I could comfortably use the two in future projects.

Lathe can be used in any object that is circular from one or more axis, such as a bottle or a wine glass (both are circular from the top-down).

Loft would be much more useful for snaking objects such as roads, or anything that is long or continuous. Other examples could be for the screwdriver or potentially walls.