Well, Here’s the background scene I did. I learned how using different shades in layers can give an effect of distance. These Mountains were made from a scattering square brush with some Size and Angle Jitter.





At least I think it’s a dinosaur.

This was made using various techniques, such as Free Form Distortion and a few Parametric Modifiers and some Mesh Editing

Dinosaur!Dinosaur! 2Dinosaur! 3

Yes, I am aware of her lack of legs and arms.


This let me practice some of my skills in 3D which I’m now more comfortable with, primarily Free Form Distortion.

I really want to spend some more time on this and add more detail to it, the basic shape to this is extremely simplistic. I also want to add a texture and animate it at some point in the future.

2D Platformer Mood Boards

My idea is to have a silhouette-based low detail art style – Where most of the background and visual assets would be black and white, but characters and anything you can interact with would be in bold colour.

Here’s the Mood Board

I took a lot of inspiration from Monaco (for bright colours), and Limbo (for layering regarding background and foreground assets). I really like the way They Bleed Pixels has outlined platforms, and the colours from Ori and the Blind Forest and Badland, and the simplicity from Electronic Super Joy.